POOL PASS – The Hilton Double Tree – JBR Dubai


The Hilton Double Tree, I would describe as more of a basic pool day, however it has great views and for a great price!

It is also a perfect location for all the explorers, situated along JBR which has many restaurants, bars, hotels, shops and cafes.

Fee: 160AED per person without any food and drink voucher – Weekdays

350AED per person with a 50AED food and drink voucher – Available on the entertainer – Weekends.

The highlights:

Pool – So there is 1 main pool and also a small children’s pool available, they do say it is a heated pool for the winter months, however it was rather cold when I was there.

That said the pool is a great size and has an amazing view.

The hilton

Swim Up Pool Bar – I literally think I choose the pools on whether they have a swim up pool bar or not, and this pool bar is the largest I have seen yet! Stretching the full width of the pool it also has seating overlooking the great views.

View & Surroundings – The view is beautiful or will be at least when they actually finish the Dubai Eye Wheel! The pool and sun loungers overlook the beach and back drop of JBR and you can relax in the pool with a beautiful view.

Beach Hammocks – Who does not love a good hammock! And what better place to have, other than on the beach looking out to sea, there is only one though so you better get there quick.


Music – The music is great, not too loud and lively but also not too quiet! It’s the perfect tempo, well for me anyway 🙂 Great environment for children, couples and groups I would say.

Following many positive highlights, there was only one small negative for me:

Food – Although the food was great, the portion sizes were ridiculously SMALL! Make sure you order a starter and a main if you want to be full for the whole day.

Overall the day was perfect, not too expensive, relaxing and I would highly recommend taking a visit.


POOL PASS – Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa – Al Qudra Dubai


If you are looking for a more traditional and cultural pool day, then this is definitely one to try.

And it’s on the entertainer BONUS

Fee: 399AED per person

Location: Al Qudra – Dubai

pool 1

This beautiful resort is like nothing you have ever experienced in Dubai and is only a 30 minute drive from around the Sports City area

I love this resort as it is literally in the middle of no-where, surrounded by desert (NO high rise buildings) it really is the perfect place for a peaceful and relaxing retreat

The highlights:

Pools – with 3 main pool areas designed to look and feel like the roman baths, including rain showers, chair Jacuzzis and sun loungers available in the pool, you really are in heaven when it comes to cooling down from the hot Dubai sun. During the winter months this is also heated.


Pool Bar – Great selection of drinks, great service and it also has a section in the sun and a section that is in the shade! Perfect!

Food – Whether you want pool side food or a sit down meal in an al a carte menu you are spoilt for choice, and the price is not too steep either. There is also an inside buffet restaurant available if you want to relax and cool down while you eat.

Sunset – As each pool looks out into the desert and the incredible views, this is a perfect destination to watch the sun set and it can be incredibly romantic.

sun set

Camel Rides – As part of the resort they also offer you a FREE camel ride, ‘all part of the experience I say, even if camels are not one of my favorite animals!’ It’s a great INSTAGRAM picture

View & Surroundings – You are literally in the middle of the desert, you cannot see anything other than sand beyond the horizon. It is truly an amazing experience and should not be missed

As you can see I have many amazing highlights for this hotel and to be honest not many negatives at all:

Location & Taxi – One thing you should be aware of that they actually do not inform you when you arrive is that if you would like to arrange for a taxi to pick you up then you do need to inform the reception at least 1 hour prior so they can arrange this for you.

Overall I would highly recommend a visit to Bab Al Shams as you will not be disappointed 🙂







POOL PASS – The Westin – Marina Dubai


If you’re looking for a more relaxing and glamorous pool day pass, I would highly recommend checking out the pool at the Westin Hotel JBR Dubai!

Some great points for you to know before visiting:

Hotel: The Westin Hotel – JBR Dubai

Price: 550AED per person

  • Swim up bar –We all love a swim up bar! Easy access to drinks all day round what is not to love! I think every pool needs a swim up bar for it to make my top list
  • Beach –Spectacular and so clear, the easy beach access is just a 1 minute walk from the swimming pool and has a beautiful view of the palm in the distance.
  • Pool – With over 4 different pools to choose from and a lagoon connecting them you can lazy around all day! BONUS the pool is also heated and perfect temperature for those winter months.
  • Hammock – Get that famous INSTAGRAM post – a hammock in the sea, what better way to relax than to be laying on a hammock submerged in the sea with the beautiful sky line to daze of too.

Hammock 1

  •   Ice cream & Sweets counter – WOW! Yummy! A huge selection of ice cream and sweets all together –


Just a few points for you to be aware of before visiting:

  • Price – Very expensive! You are looking for a couple with access, lunch and maybe 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks around 1,600AED for both of you!
  • Food – Be careful of the chicken quesadillas as on ordering these we had to return them! Cardboard comes to mind!  – and the portions are huge! Sometimes this is good, but not when you are wanting to look good in your swim suit!
  • Drinks – When ordering water – be sure to ask for local unless you want to be charged 35AED for a medium size bottle!

Even though the price may be quite steep, the Westin truly has it all! With so many pools to choose from, and restaurants to eat from your day is literally jam packed with excitement.


POOL PASS – Kempinski Residences Hotel – The Palm – Dubai

We all LOVE a pool day PASS so why not check out the Pool at the Kempinski Residence Jumeirah Hotel!

AND it’s on the ENTERTAINER!

Kempinski Hotel

Some great points for you to know before visiting:

Hotel: Kempinski Residence Jumeirah Hotel on the Palm

Price: 300AED per person

  • Swim up bar –who doesn’t love a swim up bar! They also have such a wide range of cocktails and the service is great!

swim up bar

  • Entertainer –BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ON ACCESS! Yes this really makes a difference if you are looking to not spend a lot for the pool day.
  • Beach –you have direct beach access for all you who enjoy the beach as well, and such an amazing view of the palm! ‘Great for those Instagram posts J’
  • Food – The food is amazing! I would definitely recommend ordering from the lunch time menu!


Just a few small downers for you to note:

  • Slow service – OH MY the service is SOOOO slow, it took so long for the food and even longer every time we ordered drinks!
  • Price – Very expensive! If it was not on the entertainer then I do not think we would have gone, as the price of the food and drink was also very high! Not a cheap day out.

Kempinski pool

Overall The Kempinski is quite peaceful and has a beautiful pool and beach area so can be quite relaxing, however if you are looking for a fun and party vibe then this is not the place!



POOL PASS – Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort – Jumeirah Dubai

Sheraton Hotel

We all LOVE a pool day PASS so why not check out the Pool at the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort!

AND it’s on the ENTERTAINER!

Hotel: Sheraton JBR

Price: 200AED per person

Sheraton JBR

Some great points for you to know before visiting:

  • Swim up bar –who doesn’t love a swim up bar! They also have such a wide range of cocktails and the service is great!

Swim up bar!

  • Entertainer –BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ON ACCESS! Yes this really makes a difference if you are looking to not spend a lot for the pool day.


  • Beach –you have direct beach access for all you who enjoy the beach as well, and what’s even better is they have a HUGE beautiful grass area for those who get annoyed by all of the sand!


Just a few small downers for you to note:

  • Food- The food is very basic! Would not advise eating there!
  • Restaurants- There is literally NO restaurants either to actually get food, so I would advise you eat before you go.
  • Breakfast- We had breakfast in the café of the hotel and OH MY! Myself and my husband ordered a full English breakfast, I got eggs, a sausage and a tomato, and when I asked for some brown sauce I had to wait 15 minutes which by this time I had finished and can you believe they brought me GRAVY! And it is very expensive so stay well clear!

Overall The Sheraton is quite peaceful and has a large open space on the garden area so can be quite relaxing, if you are looking for a fun vibe then this is not the place! And don’t forget to make sure you eat before you go there 🙂



POOL PASS – Andreas at Habtoor Grand Hotel – Dubai


We all LOVE a F R E E pool day PASS so why not check out the Andreas Pool which is at The Habtoor Grand!


Doors open from 9am for you early risers.

This venue has an upbeat vibe but can also be a great place to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun.

Some great points for you to know before visiting:

  • Swim up bar – who doesn’t love a swim up bar! They also have such a wide range of cocktails (however it is rather expensive for drinks and this may have something to do with the fact that you do not have to pay for the pool access)
  • Emirates – If you work for emirates then this is a great venue! You receive a HUGE 40% OFF your final bill!
  • Beach – you have direct beach access for all you who enjoy the beach as well, and what’s even better is, they also have water sports available in the same spot, perfect for you adrenaline junkies!
  • Candy Pants Brunch – Now the bonus with this is, if you are like me and love people watching you can watch everyone get drunk and dance all day while sipping on a nice relaxing cocktail from the comfort of the swimming pool or sun lounger!

Candy Pants Brunch

  • Pool Loungers – This is one of the biggest highlights for me! It has loungers in the pool so you can relax and get that perfect tan but at the same time stay cool! (Best invention ever!)

Andreas Pool

  • Inflatables – So much fun to be had on the giant unicorn they have floating in the swimming pool, obviously you can enjoy watching everyone take there Instagram selfies posing, but if your like me then you can have an even better photo shot!

Andreas - Habtoor Grand

I cannot really complain as it is FREE so there are only a few small downers –

  • Size- for me the place is a little bit too small and compact, if you go during a weekday it is perfect, but for me on a weekend it gets far too busy!
  • Sunbeds – due to the size of the venue the sunbeds are also very limited as you can imagine, so make sure you get yourself there early if you want a bed!

Overall Andreas is very popular if you are looking for a busy venue, but I would not recommend if you are only wanting to enjoy a relaxing pool day. It is great for those who do not want to pay for access also as there are not many pool venues in Dubai that offer this.



AFTERNOON TEA – Sky View Bar Burj Al Arab – Dubai

Burj Al Arab

This is definitely one for everyone’s TO DO list!

Me and my husband decided to go for our 2nd wedding anniversary, but I would highly recommend visiting for any special occasion.

Burj Al Arab

  • Afternoon Tea Timings: Served at 13:00pm and 16:00pm(You get to stay for around 3 hours for each sitting, however if it is quiet they will allow you to stay for longer)If you would like to make an evening of it, you can then move to the Sky View bar to continue drinking with a huge selection of amazing cocktails.


  • Fee: 620AED per person, however if you would like a window seat this is an additional 100AED (to be honest the window seat is a must, otherwise you struggle to see much)


  • Menu: Fresh scones, elegant sandwiches, clotted cream, cakes, preserves and jam, served with delicate, refreshing beverages. (now usually when you think of afternoon tea you think of simply 1 or 2 sandwiches however here they will continue bringing more for you, until you physically cannot eat anything else)

Afternoon Tea

  • Location: As it is located on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab which is the only 7 star hotel in the world, it truly is an experience, even when you enter the lift to make the journey to the top you have incredible views of the infinity pool that surrounds the hotel and the beautiful Dubai skyline.


  • Champagne: What is even more special, is that on arrival you receive a complimentary glass of champagne (perfect to then get that Instagram photo you wanted)


  • Entertainment: They have a wonderful harpist playing the most beautiful music, again not something you see and listen to everyday.


Burj Al Arab View

Now there are only a few small points (I wouldn’t say negative) but something that was of an inconvenience:

  • Smoking: Now if your a smoker, then this is where it gets a little bit annoying, there is no where on the 27th floor to smoke! You have to go all the way down to the ground floor which is 2 separate lifts and then walk outside to the back where the entrance to the pool is. (It takes around 10 minutes) I am not saying it would be good if you could smoke in there, but at least have somewhere separate at least a little bit more convenient to get too.


  • Pre-payment: I don’t know why but I do not like providing my card details either through email or over the phone to secure a booking, so as this is a must to secure your reservation, for me this was a small inconvenience (however, I do understand why they do this, as there is limited seating)

Other than these small points, the whole experience was magical and we loved every minute!



POOL PASS – Azure Beach Club Rixos Premium – Jumeirah Beach Resort Dubai


So being a NEW venue it is good, however I do not think the staff are up to speed yet, and I also do not think they have hired enough staff!

Service was slow, however the food and drink is amazing!!

Azure Rixos JBR

Perfect for: A relaxed Marina day-cay.
Price: Dhs100 weekdays, Dhs200 weekends (This is minimum spend which is good so you can choose to spend this on food or drink)

Things you should know:

  • Traffic: JBR is not the best for getting to and from, however it is worth it when you get there, I would however advice that you get a taxi there as we had to wait for around 45 minutes to get our car back from valet as they were so busy and short of staff!


  • Swim up bar!: This is perfect and the drinks and bar staff are great!


  • Food: WOW the food we had was incredible, great service, great presentation, the only small niggle I would have is that again due to shortage of staff the service was a little bit slow.


  • Infinity Pool: they have a few inflatables which is good, and also a hot tub, the temperature however of the pool was far too HOT, hopefully they will learn this from feedback and amend this asap!


  • Prices: The food and drinks for the standard were very well priced.


  • Sunbed’s: If you get there early (which I would recommend) then you have the pick of the best sun loungers!

Rixos Azure Beach Hotel

I would highly recommend that you visit and try it out, but for me it was not one of my favorites! Maybe it will get better with age 🙂



POOL PASS – Anantara The Palm Resort – The Palm Dubai


The Anantara is by FAR the best and my favorite hotel in Dubai!

Anantara The Palm

Perfect for: Feeling like you’re on a resort vacay.
Price: Dhs200 per person.

Not only is there so much to do, but there are also so many different vibes and areas to lounge.

Below is some amazing things to do while visiting for a pool day.

  • Swim up bar: it is amazing! you are able to sit on a floating stool which is surrounded by a hot tub bubble effect and order as many drinks as you want, using an easy open tab system.
  • HAPPY HOUR! If you’re making a day of it, there’s also a daily happy hour offering selected drinks at 25AED each !
  • Shaded and none shaded pool areas – this is for when it is so hot in the summer and also for you that like to look after your skin (I love to tan!) there are areas around the pool that have overhead shelter, and the pool is also a perfect cool temperature!
  • Three huge lagoon pools that wrap around the rooms, it is perfect for swimming, or like I did simply finding a secluded spot and reading my book!
  • Drink delivery service on a boat! This is exactly what it says, waiters bring around on a boat a selection of whatever drink you would like!

Another great Instagram photo opportunity!

The restaurants are by far my favorite part to Anantara, below are my favorite 3!

Anantara 2

If you get hungry during your pool day make sure to check out:

(All available on the entertainer 🙂 )

  • Mekong
  • Bushmans
  • The Beach House

I honestly think that this hotel is the only hotel that I have visited where I have no negative reviews or anything at all that I was not happy with! So ENJOY and make sure you visit !


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