Braces or Veneers!? How to make the right choice before visiting your Dentist.

There are so many ways now to get that perfect smile you have always wanted, and there are also so many Dental Clinics all over the world.


Which leads to so many questions . . .

How do I know which Dental Clinic to visit?

How do I know if my Dentist is giving me the best option for me?

How do I know my Dentist will do a good job?

My first concern, with what so many of us do, is look through social media and see these amazing pearly whites! Which are most of the time Veneers.

We make a rash decision, google the cheapest Dental Clinic with the best deal on Veneers, then after all of the treatment, we end up regretting it all!!!

You need to answer the following questions and if you answer YES to more than 2 then the best choice is to go have a Consultation for Orthodontic Treatment, if you answer NO to more than 2 then the best choice is to go have a Consultation for Veneers.

  1. Are you happy with the overall shade of your teeth if you were to have Whitening Treatment ? YES / NO
  2. Are you happy with the shape of your teeth? YES / NO
  3. Are you unhappy with the alignment of your teeth? YES/NO

If you are not 100% sure with some of your answers then try out the less invasive treatments first like:

  1. Whitening (you can get results of up to 8 times whiter!)
  2. Composite Fillings (these can be small fillings simply placed, to help get that perfect shape you are looking for)

Don’t get me wrong Veneers are great, but these are then for life, and can chip, fall off, or there is always the possibility that you do not like the final outcome.

On my next blog I will go into the reasons why Veneers are great and also what to expect with maintenance etc!

If you have any questions or doubt please feel free to drop me a comment.


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