AFTERNOON TEA – Sky View Bar Burj Al Arab – Dubai

Burj Al Arab

This is definitely one for everyone’s TO DO list!

Me and my husband decided to go for our 2nd wedding anniversary, but I would highly recommend visiting for any special occasion.

Burj Al Arab

  • Afternoon Tea Timings: Served at 13:00pm and 16:00pm(You get to stay for around 3 hours for each sitting, however if it is quiet they will allow you to stay for longer)If you would like to make an evening of it, you can then move to the Sky View bar to continue drinking with a huge selection of amazing cocktails.


  • Fee: 620AED per person, however if you would like a window seat this is an additional 100AED (to be honest the window seat is a must, otherwise you struggle to see much)


  • Menu: Fresh scones, elegant sandwiches, clotted cream, cakes, preserves and jam, served with delicate, refreshing beverages. (now usually when you think of afternoon tea you think of simply 1 or 2 sandwiches however here they will continue bringing more for you, until you physically cannot eat anything else)

Afternoon Tea

  • Location: As it is located on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab which is the only 7 star hotel in the world, it truly is an experience, even when you enter the lift to make the journey to the top you have incredible views of the infinity pool that surrounds the hotel and the beautiful Dubai skyline.


  • Champagne: What is even more special, is that on arrival you receive a complimentary glass of champagne (perfect to then get that Instagram photo you wanted)


  • Entertainment: They have a wonderful harpist playing the most beautiful music, again not something you see and listen to everyday.


Burj Al Arab View

Now there are only a few small points (I wouldn’t say negative) but something that was of an inconvenience:

  • Smoking: Now if your a smoker, then this is where it gets a little bit annoying, there is no where on the 27th floor to smoke! You have to go all the way down to the ground floor which is 2 separate lifts and then walk outside to the back where the entrance to the pool is. (It takes around 10 minutes) I am not saying it would be good if you could smoke in there, but at least have somewhere separate at least a little bit more convenient to get too.


  • Pre-payment: I don’t know why but I do not like providing my card details either through email or over the phone to secure a booking, so as this is a must to secure your reservation, for me this was a small inconvenience (however, I do understand why they do this, as there is limited seating)

Other than these small points, the whole experience was magical and we loved every minute!



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