POOL PASS – Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort – Jumeirah Dubai

Sheraton Hotel

We all LOVE a pool day PASS so why not check out the Pool at the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort!

AND it’s on the ENTERTAINER!

Hotel: Sheraton JBR

Price: 200AED per person

Sheraton JBR

Some great points for you to know before visiting:

  • Swim up bar –who doesn’t love a swim up bar! They also have such a wide range of cocktails and the service is great!

Swim up bar!

  • Entertainer –BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ON ACCESS! Yes this really makes a difference if you are looking to not spend a lot for the pool day.


  • Beach –you have direct beach access for all you who enjoy the beach as well, and what’s even better is they have a HUGE beautiful grass area for those who get annoyed by all of the sand!


Just a few small downers for you to note:

  • Food- The food is very basic! Would not advise eating there!
  • Restaurants- There is literally NO restaurants either to actually get food, so I would advise you eat before you go.
  • Breakfast- We had breakfast in the café of the hotel and OH MY! Myself and my husband ordered a full English breakfast, I got eggs, a sausage and a tomato, and when I asked for some brown sauce I had to wait 15 minutes which by this time I had finished and can you believe they brought me GRAVY! And it is very expensive so stay well clear!

Overall The Sheraton is quite peaceful and has a large open space on the garden area so can be quite relaxing, if you are looking for a fun vibe then this is not the place! And don’t forget to make sure you eat before you go there 🙂



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