5 POINTS to consider when choosing Veneers!

So you have decided you want to go ahead with Veneers, below are 5 points you should consider and know before you go into see a Dentist, not only will this help to ensure you get exactly what you want but it will also help you to determine whether the Dental Clinic and Dentist you are visiting are highly qualified and experienced in Cosmetic Dentistry.


  1. What type of Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers: These are lab made Veneers that require preparation of your teeth, this means a small layer of your enamel is removed.

Lumineers: These are lab made Veneers that require no preparation.

Your Dentist will probably advise which Veneers are better suited for you, however in my opinion Veneers are preferable to Lumineers.

Each case has pros and cons depending on your current tooth structure.

2) What shade of Veneers?

A lot of people today want the dazzling white Veneers, however we do recommend not to go too white, as again you do not want them to look false, find below a guide to compare:

Choosing your shade!

Make sure you consider that you are going to have this shade of Veneers for a very long time and please remember that they do not change shade over time (they may get slight staining but this can be removed from regular hygiene visits)

Also once you have them fitted you cannot change the shade so please ensure you are 100% happy before you give the Dentist the go ahead to cement these.

3) How many Veneers?

Now how many Veneers do you want to have? I would personally recommend only have Veneers on the teeth that you see when you smile, however some only require on the front 2 teeth, but then some feel more comfortable with having 10 upper and 10 lower.

Have a look in the mirror now, smile and count how many teeth you see on the upper and how many on the lower, make a note of this so that you can discuss this with your Dentist.

4) How long  will my Veneers last?

Veneers usually come with a 5 – 10 year warranty depending on which Dental Clinic and Dental Laboratory is used.

(make sure you ask this question when choosing which Dental Clinic to visit.) 

However if you look after your Veneers well, then you should not have any problems, and these could last up to 20 – 30 years.

Please note that Veneers are susceptible to general wear and tear and you may face either a chipped Veneer or a Veneer may fall off. In this case you need to go back to the same Dental Clinic to have this repaired.

With this in mind I would always recommend having Veneers done in a country where you plan on residing for at least the next 10 years.

Obviously there are things you should always avoid, for example biting into apples and opening jars with your teeth.

(this may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many people actually do this)

Make sure your dentist on completion of the Veneers will be providing you with the following documents:

  • Warranty Card
  • After Care Instructions on Maintenance

5) How to look after my Veneers?

It is very important that once you have your Veneers your Oral Hygiene should be perfectly maintained.

This includes:

  • Visiting your dentist every 6 months for a dental check up and cleaning.
  • Brushing 2 x a day – in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before bed.
  • Flossing 2 x a day – it is very important to floss around each Veneer. (If flossing is not for you, then there are so many products available now which are easier to use, E.G Waterpik, Interdental Brushes.

Following on for my next blogs I will go in to detail and show you cases on what happens when you do not follow strict oral hygiene instructions and what can happen, and also visiting the wrong dental clinics for your treatment.

I hope this helps you and if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask 🙂









Braces or Veneers!? How to make the right choice before visiting your Dentist.

There are so many ways now to get that perfect smile you have always wanted, and there are also so many Dental Clinics all over the world.


Which leads to so many questions . . .

How do I know which Dental Clinic to visit?

How do I know if my Dentist is giving me the best option for me?

How do I know my Dentist will do a good job?

My first concern, with what so many of us do, is look through social media and see these amazing pearly whites! Which are most of the time Veneers.

We make a rash decision, google the cheapest Dental Clinic with the best deal on Veneers, then after all of the treatment, we end up regretting it all!!!

You need to answer the following questions and if you answer YES to more than 2 then the best choice is to go have a Consultation for Orthodontic Treatment, if you answer NO to more than 2 then the best choice is to go have a Consultation for Veneers.

  1. Are you happy with the overall shade of your teeth if you were to have Whitening Treatment ? YES / NO
  2. Are you happy with the shape of your teeth? YES / NO
  3. Are you unhappy with the alignment of your teeth? YES/NO

If you are not 100% sure with some of your answers then try out the less invasive treatments first like:

  1. Whitening (you can get results of up to 8 times whiter!)
  2. Composite Fillings (these can be small fillings simply placed, to help get that perfect shape you are looking for)

Don’t get me wrong Veneers are great, but these are then for life, and can chip, fall off, or there is always the possibility that you do not like the final outcome.

On my next blog I will go into the reasons why Veneers are great and also what to expect with maintenance etc!

If you have any questions or doubt please feel free to drop me a comment.